How to Communicate with My College Roommate

How to Communicate with My College Roommate

Heading off to college for the first time will most often mean living in a dorm room with an unknown individual. For most first-year students, they have not yet had to deal with another person sharing sleeping quarters. Having siblings doesn’t count since mom and dad were always there to referee the inevitable battles. But in college, two young adults, or more, depending on the size of the dorm, will be forced to deal with each other’s unique individual peccadillos.

To answer the question of ‘How will I communicate with my roommate,’ there are multiple variables that need to be considered. First, the personalities. Some people are slobs. In fact, a majority of college freshman, being away from home and the nagging voice of their mothers or fathers telling them to clean their room or pick up after themselves is far away. They feel the liberty to let go and not care. This can quickly lead to a slovenly, unkempt room. If food is involved, it can certainly lead to far greater problems than simple hygene.

This is why it is important from the very beginning to be able to answer that question, ‘How to I communicate with my roommate?’ The first thing is to get to know them. Find out by asking questions and observing his or her behaviors. Is your roommate an organized individual? Does he or she have everything in its place in the closet? On their desk? Is their bed made every morning? How does their behavior mesh with your tendencies? Are they the opposite of yours or the same? If they’re the same, then the two of you will have a much easier time communicating with one another. If you are opposites, it could pose challenges throughout the year.

Different personalities have different expectations. Yet regardless of how each of you behaves, acts, or feels about certain things, the first thing anyone must do when communicating with another individual is to maintain respect. You may be the neat, organized person and your roommate could be the messy one, but this won’t give you the right to come out and berate him or her for their behaviors.

Many young adults as how they can communicate with their roommate because there’s a fine balance that must be measured. You can’t simply have a fight or misunderstanding and leave. You have to live with each other for the remainder of the year. So, respect is the first key.

Even if your roommate isn’t showing you any of that respect, do not, for any reason, change your demeanor or presence. The second important key is to not allow frustrations to brew into the conversation. Some people are stubborn, others arrogant, and still others are immature. The worst thing any roommate can do is to create a hostile environment with insults or condescending talk. Remain positive at all times, even if your roommate is not.

Any issues that are at the heart of the conversation may not be resolved, but by remaining respectful and positive, you will instill an invaluable character quality into your personality that future friends, and employees, will find very positive.