How To Write A Critique Essay For College?

A critique essay will be just that, critiquing a piece of work such as a movie, book, poem, an article or anything else you can think of. The evaluation will be based on verifiable information and facts you find during your research.

When writing a critique essay, make sure you actually watch the movie or read the book, article or poem so you have a clear understanding before writing your critique. You may need to go over it a few times and if it is a piece of work you are not familiar with. While reading or viewing the piece, make sure you take notes and ask yourself, what does it make you think of? How does it make you feel? What thoughts come to mind? You will want to note any other ideas, feelings, thoughts or emotions you feel about the piece as this should be taken into consideration before your writing actually begins.

Also, make sure to pick out the particular passages or scenes that stand out. What did you like? What did you dislike about it? You’ll want to be able to go back and find those particular moments when writing the essay so you’re able to cite them.

Once the notes have been written and the piece is covered by viewing, reading or listening to it, organize all the notes you have taken so they are in a coherent and in an understandable order. Following a chronological order from beginning to end is usually the easiest. Create an outline with you notes with an introduction, body with paragraph points and the conclusion. Depending on the specifications of the essay and needed length, then the number of body paragraphs may vary. However, typically a critique essay has three body paragraphs that covers the information and notes you have taken.

The introduction should cover the topic and what you will be critiquing. You will want to cover the authors name and book title, or the director and movie title when covering a movie. There still needs to be a thesis statement that covers the topic and point you plan to make within the essay.

How To Write A Critique Essay For College?The next three paragraphs should contain the main points of the essay which connect back to the thesis. You will be analyzing the piece, showing the points that are both good and bad. You will need to have evidence to back up the statements that are made about the piece that is being critiqued. For instance, use scenes or lines from the movie or book and words from the lyrics, etc. The body should cover whether the piece accurately made the point it was trying to make. Did it succeed in what was trying to do? If so, explain why or why not. However, the critique also needs to be objective and not based on opinion, but rather on facts.

The conclusion should restate the thesis and pull the entire essay together. The main points can be brought up again, but using different wording. Make sure when writing a critique essay to stay away from first person, such as I, me or mine as personal opinions need to be left out.