Whom Do I Call, For What?

Whom Do I Call, For What?

Are you new on campus? Are you trying to figure out how to negotiate all the departments, problems and issues so you can get settled and find answers to your most burning questions?

Housing and Dorms – If you have a question about your housing, need a roll of masking tape or a hammer or just want to know when the doors to your dorm are locked at night, or if you have a problem with your roommate, call or see your Resident Advisor (RA). If your issue is complicated, or you have a problem with your RA, call or see the Director of Housing or Residence Life. Housing departments usually specialize in facilities issues like heat and hot water and blown fuses, while Residence Life staff will deal with dorm events, or conflicts or discipline problems.

Classes and Schedules – If you have a question about a class, you can talk to the Registrar. The Registrar’s office handles information about class schedules, sends out grades and transcripts. Be sure you talk to a permanent staff person if the issue is critical. Do not trust your grades or your semester schedule to another student who may be working part-time in the Registrar’s office. You can also get a class catalog from the Registrar (or alternatively, from the Admissions Office).

Bills and Tuition – Talk to Student Accounts about billing and tuition questions. Some colleges call this office the ‘Cashier’ or the ‘Business Office’, but they all do the same thing! The business office may also handle financial aid questions. If not, there should be a Financial Aid office on campus, and you should talk to them about loans, scholarships, and other third party assistance you use to pay your bills (like work study, etc.)

Health and Counseling – Your Health Office and/or Counseling Office will help you with physical and/or counseling issues. Use them when you are sick, depressed or need help working out a problem.

Career Planning – You should have a career planning department on campus that deals with placing you in internships and in jobs when you are ready to graduate. They can give you advice, and offer support as you make your career decisions.

Professors and Assistants – If you have a problem with a professor or a student teacher, talk to the Dean of the Faculty or the College Dean or the Dean of Academics or, in the case of a major, talk to the Dean of the department in which you are majoring.

Security – Campus Security and Safety Offices are usually on duty 24 hrs a day on campus, so be sure you call them if you have a problem. Know where the security office is and use them if you suspect a security issue or a crime.

Use of Gym, Sports Activities – Check with the Athletic Department to find out if you can participate in intramural or NCAA sports programs, and/or when the gym is open for use by the student body.