How To Write A Personal Statement Essay?

Personal statement essays are commonly used when applying to a college or university and will help you introduce yourself. This type of essay shows your personality, as well as your intelligence. When writing this type of essay, you’ll want to make sure to write in a manner that is interesting and will hold the reader’s attention. To do so, make sure to read the question carefully and respond with a clearly created response.

Part of the personal statement essay is making sure you explain yourself clearly. You’ll need to create an essay that is interesting, as well as revealing and insightful. You should reflect on yourself, who you are and do a self-examination of your goals and objectives. Plus, you want to make sure you set yourself apart from others within your essay. You will need to possibly share information you typically would not share with others, however don’t give someone your life story!

When you begin to write your personal statement essay, keep these questions in mind:

  • What makes you different, unique or special?
  • What is interesting or impressive about your life?
  • What about your life will set you apart from others? This includes family history and problems, personal information, accomplishments, events or other people in your life.
  • Why are you going to college in the field you have chosen?
  • When did you first become interested in this field?
  • If you have been working prior to college or while in college, how has this changed your life, increased your skills or contributed to your personal growth?
  • What are your career goals?
  • If you have gaps in your education, why? Do make sure to explain these.
  • Have you gone through hardships or obstacles that you have had to overcome?
  • What your personality characteristics, such as compassion or persistence?
  • How will these characteristics help you in your chosen field?
  • What your personal skills, such as communication or leadership, how will these help you in your chosen field?
  • Why should a teacher, admissions staff or anyone else at the college be interested in you?

Keeping these questions in mind will help you write the essay and determine and who you are to the college or university, as well as a teacher and professor too. Once you have been able to answer these questions, you will want to keep a few things in mind when creating your essay, which are:

Tell a story, but tell the truth and stick to the facts of your life. Tell a story of something that affected you or helped you, but keep it interesting, fresh and original. You do not want the reader to be bored and uninterested. You want to keep them engaged.
Make sure to have an angle and brainstorm ideas that will help you to emphasize who you are, your best qualities and your achievements too.

Ensure your first paragraph is strong and will hold the reader’s attention. This is where you will draw the reader and get them to want to keep reading. If you lose them here, they will not want to read the rest of the essay.

How To Write A Personal Statement Essay?Do be very selective in your information about yourself. Do not add too much, to where the essay become cluttered and unclear, however do not add too little either, where it does not say anything about yourself

A few other things to keep in mind is to answer the personal statement essay question that has been presented to you. Make sure to answer it, do not write what you think others will want to hear or what they want you to write. It’s best to answer the question honestly instead. However, make sure not to add information that is inappropriate or does not add to the essay. Again, too much information that is off topic will do nothing for your essay and bog the reader down.

You also want to have an upbeat tone and attitude in the essay, as well as giving specific details and information. Make sure you hit the word count and do a thorough check of the spelling and grammatical errors too. You do not want to write a great essay that is over looked due to missing the work count or having numerous spelling and grammar errors in it.