Getting the Most Out of the Space in My Dorm Room

Getting the Most Out of the Space in My Dorm RoomMost college freshmen will have the same question about how to ‘get the most out of the space in my dorm room. The find, sometimes surprisingly so, that dorm rooms tend to be little more than glorified closets. Barely enough room to squeeze in two beds and maybe, if they’re lucky, a desk. Certainly not enough for two full-grown adults. If you’re a college freshman either getting ready to head off for your first year or sitting in your dorm room wondering how it’s possible to ‘get the most out of the space in my dorm room,’ there are a few tips, some of them easier to install than others.

The first and most efficient space saving idea is the ‘loft.’ A loft is an elevated bed, similar to a bunk bed without the lower bunk. They come in different shapes and angles to accommodate any style of room. A loft opens up the floor space beneath the mattress, usually enough for a desk (one for each bed, each occupant) and file cabinets or other furniture accessories.

The disadvantages to lofts are dependent on the individual. Some people simply do not like to sleep so high off the ground. Late night bathroom runs could mean climbing down the loft ladder in the dark, or turning over in the course of a restless night’s sleep and falling out of bed. Though these are not common, some people have these fears.

For those roommates who don’t like the idea of a loft, there are bunk beds to consider. This will open up floor space, but not as much as the loft will. Having a bunk bed can solve some of the problems of the loft, especially if one of the roommates doesn’t have a problem with the height issue.

Common to many dorms are dressers. These units of furniture will invariably take up space and when space is a commodity, there are alternative solutions. There are closet organizers that can double as dresser space, allowing you and your roommate to move the dresser out, bringing more room for a small dorm-sized refrigerator, television, or another desk.

The key in finding the best use for space in any dorm is to determine what you, and your roommate, require of your living space. Perhaps a television is absolutely important for both of you, so you may have to give up something for it. There are also wall-mounting brackets to place a TV, but you will undoubtedly need to check with your resident advisor about the regulations of hanging anything on your walls. Some colleges don’t permit students to drill into the walls for any reason.

One of the most important, and overlooked factors for getting the most out of the space of the dorm room is determining what you need to have on campus. Many students tend to bring far too much with them during that first week, items they either don’t need or won’t use more than once throughout the year. Discuss with your roommate what items could go back home on your next visit, or when your parents stop by to see you.

Making the most out of the space of your dorm room is a matter of desire and necessity.